Traveling with bulky baggage like a pro

Getting there isn’t always half the fun when you’re traveling with cumbersome ski equipment or other oversized gear. Here’s how to do it right.

Pay early

If you need to check in more than one bag, booking and paying more than 22 hours before departure will give you significant savings on fees, so plan ahead and use that extra money for more fun at your destination.

Keep your boot bag with you

If you’re heading to the slopes don’t check in your boots. You can live with rented skis and poles, but if your luggage goes astray, ill-fitting boots will make your trip a nightmare. You can also stuff socks, ski caps and other small items inside the boots, freeing up space. 

Register your bag

Checking in oversized baggage means going to the “Special Baggage” counter, which may take a small amount of extra time. Keep that in mind when planning your trip to the airport, particularly at the height of the ski season. 

Right bag for the right job

Skis have a bad habit of getting caught in the baggage conveyor belt system so it’s worth investing in a flexi or firm bag for skis, bindings and other gear. Your equipment will arrive in good shape and it’s off to the slopes you go.

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